Pokemon X and Y - How To Find The Legendary Birds Easy30:46

Pokemon X and Y - How To Find The Legendary Birds Easy

This should help you figure out how to catch the legendary birds (:


Ho-oh a legendary bird in Heartgold and Soulsilver

This Page shall help you Find hidden areas and COOL secrets about pokemon X/Y.We are going to also add secrets about other pokemon games later when we get more helpers.

How to Catch the Legendary BirdsEdit

This passage will tell you how to catch a legendary bird,where to find it,and which one it is.If you think these facts are not good edit them or watch the video(Right -->) 

The legendary bird you can catch depends on which Starter you chose.If you chose Chespin it will be Articuno. If you chose Fennekin it will be Zapdos.You guessed it,if you choose Froakie as an starter you will be able to catch moltres.

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